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I’m a work in progress. much like any 20-something out there, I’m a series of triumphs, defeats, losses, heartbreaks, laughter, tears, successes, bad haircuts, sleepless nights and so on. that’s life, you know? you rise, you fall, you smile, you frown… but you keep living. some days are better than others, but I’ve learned that being optimistic is a remedy for self-satisfaction. mind over matter. if you work to make the best of each day, you’re bound to see the good (even if there’s bad, and trust me… there will be bad). I’m a hot mess, in the classiest way possible. Coffee is a daily necessity, I own way too many notebooks, I love hard, and I’m unapologetic about who I am. I have a fond love for sports (though I’m athletically declined) and communications, which has led me down a decent career path thus far. It’s only the beginning (or so I think). Just trying to provide inspiration, motivation and humor to everyone who takes the time to read my words. Have a question? Need a love letter? Need advice? give me a
“Looking back, I wish that everyone could have that sort of moment: a moment where you realize that your hands are so impossibly small and this world is so impossibly big. And the two don’t seem to add up. Maybe recognizing the smallness of your own hands is just the very first step to changing anything at all.”

-hannah brencher
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