Cherish the present

There has been so much going on, that once again, I’ve found it somewhat difficult to sit down and write. Just simply write. I have a found love of expressing myself with words and I think that my future book with represent that thoroughly, but at this age I think it’s pivotal to share my thoughts.

I’ve been struggling for a few weeks to find ‘my place.’ Not because things have been astray or because I’m miserable, but I think we sometimes find ourselves to be stuck in a rut with no wiggle room. As a college graduate, watching my close friends at their commencement this past Monday brought mixed emotions as I thought “WHAT NOW?!” The idea of growing up creeps me out. I’m not kidding. If I could have stayed 21 forever, I would. Unfortunately, the world and life doesn’t work that way. We are constantly overwhelmed with thoughts of what’s next, what our purpose is, will we find our soulmates, will we have children, where our careers will take us. We are always in such a rush to grow up, and the second we start to reach that point, we wish we were still the innocent 8-year-olds running around with our younger siblings, climbing trees and jumping off swings in the background while your mom watches from the kitchen window. I’m sure you can all share in those same sentiments to a certain extent, because my fondest childhood memories are exactly what I just described. The first time I learned how to ride my bike without training wheels, my very first dance recital, auditioning for my voice coach, singing in front of an audience for the first time… all of that brought me here. To this moment. And while I certainly couldn’t tell you that I would be this ‘accomplished’ when I was 11, I’m proud. I’m proud of how my mother raised me, proud of the trials and tribulations that have presented themselves in my life, proud of the choices and decisions I’ve made, because I’m here. I’m alive & despite the fear of never being enough or not doing everything I want to do, the concept of time is a mere illusion in retrospect. We create our days, we molds our minutes, hours, weeks, months, year. Cherish every second and never regret a single thing, because you are alive and breathing. And that’s something to be proud of in and of itself.

You are never too young or old to ‘chase butterflies’ & ‘catch lighting bugs.’ I mean that literally and figuratively. Leave your fears behind and focus on the present. No dream is ever too far out of reach, no goal is ever unattainable so long as you simply BELIEVE.

Believe in yourself, in your family, in your passion, ambitions, inclinations and choices. Being strong comes from within first.

And seriously… PUT THE PHONES DOWN. Engage in conversation, say hello to a stranger, laugh.



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