not a regular mom, but a cool mom.

we wouldn’t be here without them. the women that carried us, held our hands (mine still does), brushed our hair (or in my case, kept my head in check with tight ass braids and buns), molded us, hugged us and clapped for us through the good and the bad.

my mom is pretty awesome. i’d be a liar if i said we didn’t have our ‘moments’–mostly my fault because i thought that during my high school days i was the boss. boy, was i wrong. but i’m here, and i’m standing because this selfless, beautiful human decided it was a good idea to bring another human into the world (hey mom, it’s me!).

i sit here teary eyed, because i sincerely mean it when i say i literally would not be here if it weren’t for my beautiful mother. she has gone above and beyond, to this day, to ensure that i have everything i need to succeed. from calling her in a panic because i only had 3 dollars in my bank account and couldn’t buy a metrocard to go to the internships, to being my backbone through the life changes i’ve encountered (and there have been a lot). she’s my favorite gal pal, my #1 lady and my bff.

today, and always, i am grateful for my mom. i can only hope that i’ve been the daughter she always wanted, despite her calling me annoying at least once a day.  from snapping her HILARIOUS rants, teaching her how to FaceTime, group texts for “the gossip” and texting me to make sure i brushed my hair and put deodorant on daily, she really is the best. my shoulder to cry on, my person to lean on and the cosigner on my student loans–not sure what i’d do without her. she always laughs at all my jokes, even when they’re not really funny, she thinks i’m famous and she has never once told me i couldn’t do something.

“what’s for you will not pass you.”

that’s what she’s always said, both directly and indirectly.

as i’ve gotten older (holy crud, i’m 25), i’ve had the privilege of not only having my birth mom, but a ton of other women who have taken a motherly role in my life when my mom couldn’t be around (including my bingo-loving, wine-drinking aunts, and my Titi who forced me to like veggies. you guys rock). i’ve moved a few times and i’ve worked about 30 different jobs, but along the way, i acquired awesome ladies who have named me their “honorary daughter.”

so to those women, who fight for their rank when we’re all in one space–thank you. thank you for not only raising beautiful girls and boys who have been my friends (especially becky and dawn), but for loving me and supporting me all the same.

it’d be a laundry list and i’m literally doing laundry so i can’t name every single one, but know that today and always, i am thinking of you and everything you’ve done for me (you know who you are). from feeding me (or not feeding me–CAROL), welcoming me into your homes (and staying there for several months–Rosemarie), giving me a job and making sure I’m always well-dressed (Lynn!), you have been a pivotal part of my growth and success, and i am indebted to you forever.

honestly, we’d all be lost puppies without our moms. so hug them, love them, answer their calls, check on them, cook them a meal (i have groceries now, mom. please visit), buy them wine and thank them for putting up with your ass for so long. they’ll never leave you, even when they want to yell at you for being so crazy.

to those without their moms today, whatever the reason may be, i am thinking of you and praying for you. you may not have your mom, but you probably have other women who serve as honorary “superwomen” in your life. or maybe you are “superwoman” yourself. stay strong and know you are loved.

thankful for all the moms out there, especially mine 🙂

happy mother’s day to you!

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