‘What is meant for you will never pass you.’

For the last four years, I’ve had the opportunity to sit and write a “reflection” blog at the end of each year, explaining my year as a whole and my hopes for the next.

Well, this year I was in San Antonio working for U.S. Army All-American Bowl, so I had no time for that! It was all football for me when I traveled to Naples, Florida for Football University National Championship from December 16th – December 22nd, made it back home for a few days in the office and Christmas, and then back on a plane as I headed to Texas. If you would have told me last June that I would have been working on this game, I probably would have looked at you and laughed. I don’t really think I understood the importance of the work or gravity of the situation until I arrived in San Antonio. The nation’s top 100 high school seniors receive the invitation and honor of a lifetime to represent their country and their sport in a prestigious East v. West match-up. In its 15th year, NBC-broadcast game really is breathtaking when push comes to shove. The sleepless days and nights, stress and work were all worth it when I met the athletes, who will most likely go on to be hot shots at their Division 1 football programs (USC, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Oregon to name a few). While my role with All American Games is over, I am truly thankful to have gained the truly unique experience. There’s this old saying “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Not many people can say, at 23, that they wrote their own media advisories and press releases for distribution, established relationships with media, conducted media training for 100 athletes and coordinated interviews each and every day post-practice for them. I think above all else, I gained some really great memories and friends (not coworkers) in the process. To my crew of Stunnas– thank you for the laughs and the swag. You’re my favorites.

Derrius Guice Field Kahlil McKenzie_NBC ST squad Texas A&M commits

While work absorbed almost all of my time, I did manage to do other fun stuff! Basketball season started (which means many National Anthem performances!–my favorite time of the year), I’ve been working on completing my Duke of Edinburgh award and just trying to enjoy my last two months of being 23.

Selfie with Augie CSPNJ_Ben CSPNJ_blocks CSPNJ_Frozen Party

To say 2014 was a rollercoaster is an understatement. You can think you have it together, and all of a sudden this 90mph curveball comes and you miss. Then what? Keep it moving, just keep swimming. I’ve learned that you can have control on your fate if you simply believe in yourself. Certain things may not pan out the way you’d hope, sometimes things happen for no reason, but most times they happen for a reason. Trust the plan that the universe and God has for you and enjoy the ride. Friendships were gained and lost, people moved, I lost some battles and I won some, but most importantly… I’m alive and well. I’m here, ready to ‘get after it’ each and everyday. I am thankful for those who are still around, for the ones who check up on me, for the people and things that make me happy.

Never settle, never digress.

‘What is meant for you will never pass you.’

2015- I’m ready for you.



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